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11 March 2017

Fancy Shoe Zentangle Art

Hello to all my blog visitors, I hope the collection of different art and craft projects are inspiring folks to try different things.

Today's project is one of my own pieces of art, Zentangle Inspired Art.

I used an outline of a shoe and decorated it with Zentangle Patterns.

I did enjoy this project, I don't get chance to wear fancy high heeled shoes myself, being an active person that walks alot. So this was fun, I designed my own shoe.

I coloured the artwork with pencils, using my set of Spectrum Sings, that I got from WHSmith. There aren't many colours in this set, but I do like how vibrant they are, especially for the price.

I will be offering the blank uncoloured version of this artwork for free, please do come and join the group to get access to my freebies - Free Zentangle Colouring Pages and Collage Toppers

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