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25 March 2017

Mandala Magic Colouring Book

Mandala Magic Colouring Book, is published by Pegasus. I got the Midnight Edition

All the designs are printed on black paper, which makes for a striking affect when they are coloured.

There is a mix of small detailed mandala, and also designs that have slightly larger patterns, which will be good for shading.

I generally use pencils when colouring, but on this design I did a mix or Pencils - using Rymans Blending Pencils and Sakura Glitter Gel Pens.
The glitter affect doesn't show well on this photo, but it does look lovely, especially in the light.

I don't normally use pens, but I wanted to check on how the paper handled ink, rather than pencil.

The book does advise that colourist use a piece of card inbetween designs, when using pens. I normally use paper, but I followed the advise and used card.
The gel pens I used are slow drying, so the paper stays wet for longer. The paper handled this very well, and it didn't bleed through.

The image printing is OK, not as clear as I would normally like, but not so much of an issue that is spoils the finished project.

Overall I do like this book, some of the designs are stunning and I can see scope for me to be able to do some nice blending with my pencils 😃


  1. You are right, the black sets off the design a treat!

  2. Stunning colours, defo great against the black.

  3. Fab colouring. Shabneez x

  4. wow super love the design ... thank you for visiting my blog ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  5. I am totally not talented in art but I love these books. I can relax and chill out while making something beautiful. I will be looking for the pens you mentioned.


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