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28 January 2017

Feathered Lady

I still have a few toppers from the craft mags I use to get by Debbi Moore.

This card was made using an Art Deco lady topper from one of those mags, and I really like the monochrome colour theme.

I had intended to keep with the monochrome affect, but changed my mind and added some pink, which really stands out on the backing paper and the embellishment.

The white card layer, was embossed with one of my embossing folders.

It is always so tempting to stay with black and white when I start with a black and white coloured topper, though a contrast colour can make for an interesting display 😊

24 January 2017

Bear Zentangle Art - colouring Tips

I'm sharing some info on how I add colour to my own Zentangle Designs,
I used a Ben Kwok blank template, of a bear and added zentangle patterns of my choosing. As always thinking about how I would add colour.

I try and add shading when I can to add depth to the coloured areas.
I have part coloured the face of the bear design.

How I add shading, is to start with the palest shade of a colour, for example, one of the bands on the bears face, I started with pale yellow.

 This photo shows were I have gone over part of the pale yellow with a darker shade, almost gold yellow

Already you can see the pattern developing a rounded appearance.

In the finished project, I have added dark brown, and that gives a more 3D affect to that section.
All the patterns in this design, have been coloured the same, either using shades of brown or shades of yellow.

I start with the palest shade, add a mid shade and then the darkest shade. Always working from the edges towards the middle.

This works quite well with most of the zetangle patterns I use for my ZIA.

Hope this helps other colourists with their colouring in projects and also when colouring in the free designs I offer too -

Please do join the group and to get chance to downloading the weekly freebies

21 January 2017

Butterfly Day

I had some toppers and elements left from a craft mag by Debbi Moore.

I used a topper and an embellishment from one of those craft mags.
Combined it with a piece of rustic orange card, which I embossed a pattern on.

The butterfly was made using the largest butterfly cutting die I have - Marianne D Craftables – Butterfly
I normally use it on blank card, so you can see the embossed pattern of the die.
But decided to use it on patterned card, with a few gems, a nice contrast to the brown and orange tones of the other elements 😊

17 January 2017

Dog Zentangle Art

This is one of my own ZIA pieces.
The outline template is one by Ben Kwok.

When I do a ZIA project, I try to use patterns that will enable me to use shading when I come to add colour.

Some patterns I can get to work well when I add colour and helps me improve my shading, however, other patterns I struggle to get any shading to work.

Colours, I often like to use contrasting colours to hightlight my designs, this one I used yellow and blue. The yellows are very pale, and those sections look almost uncoloured.

I now offer my designs for Free, uncoloured, for colourist who would like to use them - Free Zentangle Colouring Art and Collage Art

14 January 2017

All Round Roses

This time of year, I am making birthday cards, and trying to get out of christmas card mode 😆
Bit of a shock to move from festive colours and themes to something else.

So tend to start the year with simple cards. This lovely card was made using a small hunkydory floral topper, and combined it with rose backing paper, and some butterfly cutting dies.

The butterflies are cut out in pink glitter card, which doesn't show up very well in the photo.

Really pretty card, feels more like summer than winter, which brightens up a dark, dreary day

10 January 2017

Stunning Deer Zentangle Coloured Art

I have a large collection of detailed art in books, that I enjoy dipping into, to colour.
This design is from The Menagerie book, a stunning collection of animal art, which are larger than A4 so take some time to complete.

I worked with WHS Spectrum Sings Pencils, using yellow, orange and purple.

When I finish a colourist project I do reflect as to what I wanted to achieve, and how I the project felt to work with. 
I have realised that not only am I practicing my shading and colour work, but I am also wanting to create a work of art.

Do others consider coloured in artwork, actually art?  I do believe they are, and find myself approaching a project with that end result in mind.

I do love how this completed art looks, the colours work really well, contrasting so nicely. I do enjoy working with zentangle patterns, using coloured shading to hightlight how the pattern is drawn, makes for an interesting challenge.

6 January 2017

Pretty Flying Insects

I made this card with a few elements from my craft stash and a cutting die.

I'm sure all crafters can relate, you have a box with those pretty small toppers, and odd pretty stickers etc, that you put to one side thinking you'll use them one day.
I have a few of these kind of elements in my stash, so decided to combine a few and make a card.

The embossed stickers I have had for ages, slowly getting through them all now of course, which has one taken a few years 😂
The topper is a small one from a set I got, again, not the size I normally use, so hadn't got used until I came to make a smaller card

The key embellishment was made with Marianne D Creatables Key, cutting die. I really like this pretty die,however, find I rarely use it. The black pearls added a bit of interest to it.

A collection of elements, that work quite well together and I do like to make a card that the receipient will have plenty to look at 

2 January 2017

ZIA Bird Project - With Colour Shading

My First Post for 2017 😏

I aim to do more of my own Zentangle designs, and get them coloured, to hopefully inspire others.

I am now offering my designs for free on a Facebook Group - both non coloured in Zentangle art to colour and also my digital collages.
Please do come and join and get access to high quality art -
Free Zentangle and Collage Art

This bird design I showcased on my blog some months back, when I first completed the drawing. And have finally got around to adding colour.

When thinking of Zentangle patterns to add to a design, I also think of how I would colour those patterns. Always looking for ways that shading can be used to add depth.

I use a colour wheel to help guide me with colours, and really like how shades of yellow and blue work in this completed project.

Colouring is theraputic and fun, and for me it's the chance to create a piece of art