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I will be posting all my freebies on a Face Book Group to share high quality free art, both the collages and free ZIA projects for colouring.



25 February 2017

Cute Cat

I got some cute toppers with a craft mag, some time ago, and still had the odd one left in my craft stash.

I love the lilac tones in this topper, and thought the rose backing paper highlights those tones really well.

I decided to combine a few different cutting dies to make the embellishment, its almost like a mini scene on the card.
I would normally go for making flower embellishments with a topper like this, nice to be a little different

20 February 2017

Party Girl

I made this card with a topper from a Debbi Moore craft mag.

I used a small 5 x 5 sized card, as this topper was quite small.  I decided to use a layering cutting die, to frame the topper, though as the topper was much smaller, I used a sentiment to fill in part of the space.

The embellishment was made with one of my favourite floral cutting dies, it has a few layers, though unfortunately can only be used on paper or thin card.
I managed to use it with thin card this time.

Combined with leaves from a different cutting die set, it makes for a pretty display to compliment the topper 😊

16 February 2017

Mandala Zentangle Art

This is a coloured in version of one of my own ZIA projects.

This is my second atempt at creating a Mandala ZIA project. The hard part, for me, was picking Zentangle patterns which would highlight a spiral affect.

I added colour to the completed drawing, using the Spectrum Sings Pencil set, I got from WHSmith.
I worked with browns, blues and greens, which all compliment each other very well.

As I am often finding, adding colour and including shading, helps enhance what I originally drew. If I manage to add depth to my shading, the finished piece looks far more affective.

I am offering my free drawings on a Face Book Page for other colourist to use - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1307623025962583/

12 February 2017

Enchanted Castle Coloured Art

I was gifted a colouring book for Christmas - Relax With Art
I had seen this book in newsages and had been tempted, but not gotten around to buying one.
So was lovely to get a copy and I like so many of the varied pages in the book.

This enchanted castle really appealed to me, I do liked the leafy tree border and the sword and floral design at the bottom.

I find colouring in very relaxing and a great way to practice my colour/shading skills.
I manage to include quite a lot of shading in this design, added a bit of depth.

I used WHS Spectrum Sings Pencils, only got a set of 36 so, not a lot of shades available really, however I have topped them up with a small set of metalic pencils and the odd Derwent Watercolour pencil I had left.

9 February 2017

Elegance in Cream

The topper on this card, is one by Debbi Moore, that I got from a craft mag.  It's a little larger than I would normally use, which means it takes up most of the card.

I tend to like digital designs better, then I can print them the size I like, to enable me to include more handmade embellishments.

However, I do love the fashion of this topper, that dress is lovely.

I used one of my embossing folders to pattern the brown card layer.
And I used an ivy cutting die to add a bit of interest in the topper

Marianne D Creatables Bird w/Ivy

5 February 2017

Ram Zentangle Inspired Art

This is one of my own pieces of art.
The blank template of the Ram, is one by Ben Kwok.

Quite alot of string sections in this outline, and one that needed a bit of focus.
I tend to find I like balance in my  ZIA projects. So some patterns, will border other section, such as the face area, one pattern borders the face.
And the horns, are all the same pattern, sweeping around both horns, but with a segmented appearance.

I am now making  more of an effort to colour my own designs, especially now I am offering them free to colourists to use.  Give others an idea how they can add colour.
Group to Join to get access to the freebies-

And as always I am looking for depth when adding colour, hence the shading, used as much as possible throughout the project.

2 February 2017

Busy Wardrobe

I made the collage topper that I used on this card, usinga few different elements in my digital art collection.

When using a busy topper, with lots of colours, it's not always so easy to pick a colour theme for the rest of the card.
I decided to go for warm orange and yellow, with a splash of gold and pale green.

The card layer, was embossed with one of my embossing folders. I would of put ribbon on it, but the topper was too large, and would of covered most of the ribbon. Ribbon is a luxury item for me, so I like to show as much of it as I can, when used.

The warm orange shade, really warms the whole card and reflects well in the topper, highlighting the browns and oranges.

The embellishment was made with a collection of cutting dies, combining a few colours, to again, reflect the colours in the topper, but also needed it to stand out from the card backing.

Xcut Dies – Flourish Dies

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set - Flowers, Intricate